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Patricia Thoma`s books have been published by following publishers:

  • Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim, Germany
  • Büchergilde Gutenberg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin
  • Kinderbuchverlag Wolff, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Agibooks (jetzt Goraebaetsok), Seoul, Korea
  • Yeowon Media, Seoul, Korea
  • Baramedia, Seoul, Korea
  • Monsudar Publishing, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Jaimimage Publishing, Paju, Korea
  • Sub-Saharan Publishers, Accra, Ghana

Unsere Zukunft träumen und gestalten Dreaming and designing our furure presents great ideas for the world of tomorrow found around the globe and across human history. Since innovation starts with curiosity and imagination, children will find themselves encouraged to design their future and test it out in a playful way. Published by Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim, Germany. leer Die Ringerin

The wrestling princess is inspired by Khutulun, great-great-granddaughter of Genghis Khan. She only wanted to marry a man, who would defeat her in a wrestling match. In case of failure however, the candidate had to hand over his best horses. Khutulun soon owned 10.000 horses and became the leader of a great army. Published by Monsudar, Mongolia.

ACTIVISTS ACTIVISTS introduces young activists, engaging in the field of culture, environmental protection and healthcare, who try to make the world a place of humanity, equality and beauty.
Published by Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin, Germany.
  Das Reh und der Wolf

The deer and the wolf
A philosophical book about nature, where birth and death, blossoming and decay do not define a starting and ending point, but the circle of life. Published by Gorabaetsok, Seoul, Korea.

Willkommen in Deutschland Mulgheta is a football player as well as a fitness trainer and masseur, but above all he is a master in the art of living. We witness a day in Mulgheta`s life. Together we touch Braille, listen to the guidance system for the blind at traffic lights, taste juicy tomatoes and sniff at the musty smelling dustbin. Published by Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin.   Der Vogel The bird
„Why am I born here? Why are you my mum, why you my dad? A child asks its parents.
They tell about a beautiful bird, which showed the world to the child. Whether the child chose its parents and the place of birth however, remains a secret. Published by Monsudar Publishing, Mongolia.
Willkommen in Deutschland In „Welcome to Germany“ eleven children tell small stories about their countries of origin, in their mother language as well as in German. A picture book about migration, made by children themselves.
Published by Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin.
  Die zertanzten Schuhe

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
by the Grimms Brothers
published by Yeowon Media, Seoul, Korea

Wer ist die Stärkste?

Who is the strongest?

Every morning the goats play “Who is the strongest?” However one goat always looses. One day she sneaks off and meets some ants who tell her she is not weak at all. And finally the other goats realize, they are not so strong on their own… Published by Kinderbuchverlag Wolff, Frankfurt, Germany and Goraebaetsok, Seoul, Korea.

  Die zertanzten Schuhe

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
shadow theatre
(selected scenes as PDF file)



Wer ist die Stärkste? Schattentheater Who is the strongest?
shadow theatre
(selected scenes as PDF file)


  Hänsel und Gretel Haensel and Gretel
by the Grimms Brothers

Wonderland, is a journey through a fantasy world, where chicken lay dotted eggs, fried chicken grow on the fields and sausages on trees.

Published by Agibooks, Seoul, Korea.

  Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten The musicians from Bremen
by the Grimms Brothers
Das weiße und das braune Huhn

The white and the brown chicken
On a farm live white chicken. After the farmer bought brown chicken, they all start to fight for every grain. Because the chicken are so busy fighting, the fox catches some chicken every night, till one morning only one white and one brown chicken are left. The brown chicken has a lifesaving plan… At the end of the story the white and brown chicken peacefully live together.

  Froschkönig Frog Prince
by the Grimms Brothers
Der Apfel

The apple

Pig girl promises to marry pig boy, if he picks her an apple hanging on the highest branch of a tree. Various animals help pig boy to take the apple to his girl. To say “thank you!” pig boy allows all animals to try a little, till only the seed is left. But after a few years a new tree has grown out of the seed and marriage can finally take place.


  Schneewittchen Snow White
by the Grimms Brothers
Das Pfauenlächeln

The peacock smile

„Boaster!“ the geese cackle, when Mr. Peacock walks in the courtyard. But deep inside, they wish to have also a shimmering colorful feathering. Mr. Peacock however, wishes to have a white feathering like the geese. A humorous story about emotions like envy and jealousy, which sometimes make us forget our own strengths.

Sushi Pizza In Sushi Pizza a girl visits her grandmother who lives in a city with people from many different countries. Every day they try typical food from each country and dress up with matching accessories. On Sunday she travels home and imagines how to combine all these foods.Yummy! she thinks.      

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